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Sethupathi (2016)

Kollywood has produced plenty of “Police” movies where the as a honest officer, Hero takes on deadly criminals single handedly. When I heard Vijay Sethupathi was doing a police movie I was not sure, but hearing the director was S U Arun Kumar who gave Pannaiyarum Padminiyum (2014) I knew I had to see the film. Sethupathi (2016) starring Vijay Sethupathi as Sethupathi, a honest police officer and Remya Nambeesan as his wife and mother for two kids, a boy and girl (is this the only way to show a happy family?) in lead roles.Sethupathi-2

For an audience who are used to seeing corrupt cops, the film begins with presenting a different perspective. We are shown a policemen and women standing in sun for long for some VIP security duty, a hungry cop not able to finish a banana he is having, policemen taking the beatings and petrol bombs thrown by protestors, in order to protect the common man. This theme is maintained throughout and that’s why Sethupathi feels fresh.

The story is about how an honest police officer takes on a local baron, risks losing his job due to a mishap in a different case and finally how he manages to get the best of the powerful businessman. The songs by Nivas K. Prasanna are a plus to movie, Mazhai Thooralam and Konji Pesida Venaam are tunes you will be humming as you walk out of the theatre. I liked the screen play which leaves out the love story behind the lead couple, or the crimes of the villain, it just covers what happens when a honest officer takes on money power. This focus makes the film an enjoyable watch, even though there is nothing unexpected or unique here. The song Naan Yaar (Hey Mama) Naan Raja keeps the momentum maintained during action scenes.

Special credit should be given to Director for having no smoking or drinking scenes. Kudos!