Yogi Babu turns into Hansika Motwani, that’s what Partner (2023) should’ve been about. Instead, the film wanders till the interval, to a professional stealing corporate company, Aadhi and Palak Lalwani’s love, Aadhi‘s financial problems, a minister’s video leak and so on. When we expect it to pick pace, it switches to an even lower gear. Other than a few comic portions that make us laugh, the film was tiring. Mangoidiots gives it a Raw for a solid performance from Hansika.

Aadhi, who is an alumnus of my college, had done well in his given role. John Vijay, Munishkanth, Ravi Mariya and Robo Shankar have been cast in familiar roles. It was nice to see R. Pandiaraajan in a guest-like role. The comedy by characters named Samathanam, Anathanam, and Blackberry (played by Robo Shankar and his friends) was unimpressive.

பார்ட்னர் (2023) - ஆதி, யோகி பாபு, ஹன்ஸிகா

பார்ட்னர் (2023) – ஆதி, யோகி பாபு, ஹன்ஸிகா

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