Director S. S. Rajamouli is famous for bringing fantasy to the big screen like no one else. Simple folklore or an imaginative tale, when it gets handled by him, becomes magical. He is the unchallenged king of grandiose in Indian cinema. RRR (2022) is no exception to this successful record of his. You should watch it in a theatre preferably in 3D and you will be thoroughly entertained. The film gets my Ripe rating.

Just like the blockbuster Baahubali (2015), RRR is also about the fight between two fearless men. The story happens in the 1920s, during the British rule of India. N. T. Rama Rao Jr. comes as a tribal guardian, a warrior who comes to Delhi to rescue a kidnapped girl from the jaws of the British. Ram Charan comes as decorated police offer of the British Raj who is determined to prevent it. As you can imagine, the story narrates their tussle, temporary wins and losses.

The film is owned entirely by Junior NTR and Ram Charan, both have given their best and they keep you enthralled. After these two there was no room left for any characters, so Alia Bhatt gets a limited role, about two sequences, that’s all. Ajay Devgn comes as an armed Indian rebel and Shriya Saran as his wife

At a running time of more than three hours, the film feels overstretched, but the exquisite costumes worn by the characters, the rich recreation of the era, keeps us engaged. Remember, if you don’t look for any innovative story here, RRR will keep you entertained and you will love the film.

RRR (2022)

RRR (2022)

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