Uriyadi 2 (2019) retains the same rawness that made Uriyadi (2016) a silent hit. While the first film was about college and cast rowdyism, this was about innocent villagers lives being lost due to the ugly nexus of greedy businessmen and corrupt politicians. I found myself being agitated in many places as it was disturbingly resembling the current state of affairs in Tamil Nadu (like in the Sterlite factory issue). The realism of the scenes was the big strength of the film,  but too much of it soon become its biggest weakness – as it reached near to the climax it became a documentary rather than being a feature film.

When he is narrating romance, Director Vijay Kumar shows his best side, unfortunately here it was brief, making you wish it was explored a bit more.  In many parts, like in the climax, the editing of scene shifts was too abrupt, and, noisy too with the constant background score. With a bit more homework on the screenplay and better dialogues, Uriyadi 2 could’ve matched the greatness of its predecessor.

Uriyadi 2 - உறியடி 2 (2019)

Uriyadi 2 – உறியடி 2 (2019)

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