This Punjabi film, available on Amazon Prime Video is a prototypical romantic comedy. I noticed in the trailer, the story was in London and I started to watch it. Jagteshwar Singh is a librarian, a perfectionist who agonize over the small details in life. He gets drawn to a young lady, Amber, a guest in his house. The fun was the events that lead to the opposites getting attracted. Except for the drinking scenes, this is a family-friendly film. Had the climax been less cliché, Galwakdi (2022) would’ve got an higher rating than Raw from Mangoidiots.

The opening sequences showing the regimented life that Jagteshwar follows, forces his parents and nephew to follow were unoriginal, but they were enjoyable. His orders to keep the library clean, his so called health-jokes were hilarious. Reminding the character of Genilia in the Tamil film Santosh Subramaniam (2008) was Amber. Wamiqa Gabbi has played the exuberant and fun-to-be-with character very well. It was a delight to watch her on screen. Amber is your typical neighbourhood girl, everyone has a crush on her but she is just being friendly. Jagteshwar’s family instantly likes Amber, they plan to get their son to like her but unknowing to them, he is already in love with her and waiting for the right moment to open to her.

There is nothing to process, absorb or think about this film, just sit back and enjoy.

Tarsem Jassar and Wamiqa Gabbi in Galwakdi (2022)

Tarsem Jassar and Wamiqa Gabbi in Galwakdi (2022)

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