There is something nice about going behind the Golu display steps. Sitting there reminds you of your childhood. I have played for hours under these steps despite my mom shouting me to come out for the fear of me kicking all dolls down. My 15-year-old son thinks I am being stupid and childish. He is asking me why all the ‘oldies’ (note the word your Honour) want to recollect their young days and act childish now, not in line with their age! I said I don’t know, I can‘t answer this as I am not an Oldie!!!!

Behind the Golu display steps

This week in South India it is the nine days of Navarathri (Nine Days) festivals, its called Dasara in other parts of India. During Navarathri the dolls and idols of Gods and Goddesses are kept neatly decorated in what is called in Tamil as Golu. Below are photos from the Golu we kept in our house this year and from my relatives’ houses that I visited.

எங்கள் வீட்டு நவராத்திரி கொலு – Golu 2018

இடது: உடையவர் ஶ்ரீ ராமானுஜர்; வலது: கண்டாவதாரம் ஸ்ரீ நிகமாந்த மஹாதேசிகன் ஸ்வாமி. Left: Swamy Sri Ramanujar; Right – Gandawadharam Sri Vedanta Desikar

Kathakali idol, Dwarka Lord Krishna; Guruvayoor Lord Krishna

குடையுடன் விநாயகப் பெருமான் – God Ganesa with an Umbrella

காமதெனு – Kamadhenu, the divine ‘cow of plenty’

காஞ்சி பெருந்தேவி தாயார் மற்றும் காஞ்சி வரதராஜப் பெருமாள் – Kanchi Goddess Sri Perun Devi and Sri Varadaraja Perumal

Badrinath Sri Lakshmi Narayan

திரு உலகளந்த பெருமாள்

கொலுவில் கல்யாணம் – An Hindu wedding set

கடோத்கஜன் – Ghatotkacha: the mythological glutton with magical powers from Mahabharat

லக்ஷ்மி கும்பம்

Sri Surya Bhagwan in his chariot

Photos from earlier years’ celebrations – Golu 2004,  Golu 2007, Golu 2014, Golu 2015, Golu 2016 and a post on shopping for Navaratri Golu.

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