Today on our way back from Grand Canyon to Los Angeles we (myself and my friend) went to Lake Havasu City. The reason for our stopping in the middle of Mojave desert is to see London Bridge (Lake Havasu City). Even though this was a weekend (Sunday) we saw a handful of tourists only.

When I went to London in 1998, I remember the tour guide there saying the original London Bridge no more there – the physical structure has been demolished and a modern one was built a few decades back in the same place in London across River Thames. The original London Bridge was bought by Robert P.McCulloch (a successful businessman in the USA) from City of London in 1967, dismantled the granite blocks, transported across Atlantic and constructed it across Lake Havasu, Arizona leading to a man-made recreation island on the other side. Lake Havasu itself is a large reservoir behind Parker Dam on Colorado River.

Other than London Bridge, the man-made island with water sports there is little else in this tiny city.

After the bridge visit, we had a nice buffet lunch at a local Chinese restaurant.

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