The Tamil film industry, notorious for its overdose of terribly made horror comedies (looking at you, Kanchana franchise), witnessed a miraculous turnaround with the unexpected gem, DD Returns (2023). Breaking the curse of cringe-worthy attempts, we now have Conjuring Kannappan, starring the under-appreciated comedian Sathish as the unlikely ghost-fighting hero.

Navigating a plot as straightforward as saving oneself from ghosts, the hero enlists the support of his quirky family and friends. What sets this film apart is its simple yet effective screenplay, providing ample room for laughter at every turn. If you’re a fan of the genre, this one’s a joyride. However, if horror comedy isn’t your cup of tea, well, let’s just say even mangoidiots couldn’t give it a Ripe rating; it’s more of a Raw experience.

I enjoyed the sequences where the characters caught in a bad spell try hard to stay awake for days without sleeping, they fear the horrors and threat to their life that awaits them in their dreams – that was a laughing riot. Sathish was supported by a fine cast of actors including Saranya Ponvannan, Nassar, Namo Narayana, Regina Cassandra and others. VTV Ganesh and Redin Kingsley, known for their ‘shouting’ in high-decibels, surprise us with a mellowed and smooth performance in the hands of Director Selvin Raj Xavier. Kudos!

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