In India, especially in the state of Tamil Nadu, everyone celebrates the Hindu festival for Goddess Saraswathi (the God of Education and Learning) as the festival of Tools (in Tamil called as Ayudha Poojai). On this day, in offices and factories around the state, production is stopped by evening, all the main hand-tools used in the place including (select) computers are stacked in front of pictures of Hindu Gods and Goddess – students keep their schoolbooks – this is followed by holy hymns chanting and offering of fruits and sweets is done. What’s special about this festival is that it is widely celebrated even by non-Hindus (of other Religions) alongside with their Hindu brothers and sisters. It is also the celebration where everyone participates, from the top management to the factory floor workers, displaying brotherhood and reference to the work done in the place.

Saraswathi Poojai

Even our cars and two-wheelers don’t get left out. Offerings are made to them as well along with prayers for everyone’s safety while travelling

நவராத்திரி, ஆயுத பூஜையான இன்று எங்கள் காருக்கும் கற்பூர பூஜை. தெருவில் செல்வோரையும், காரில் செல்லும் எங்களையும், காரையும் காக்க காக்க எல்லாம் வல்ல இறைவா காக்க! (in Tamil language)

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