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    S.M.A.R.T failure of my Hard Drive

    In my main PC at work where I store most of my documents and data, I have been using Hardware RAID for mirroring between two 500GB Seagate Hard drives for last 3 years. This provides me with automatic redundancy and minor performance benefit while reading large video files. All was well till last week, when on boot BIOS warned that the Mirror is broken. Having seen this happen few times before I quickly updated my backup to external drive and then rebuild the mirror. Yesterday I got into the same problem, I decided and moved to Windows (Software) mirroring. Today afternoon Windows 7 showed me the below dialog and warned…

  • Thiruneermalai Temple
    Chennai,  Faith


    Today I went with my family to have Darshan at the famous Thiruneermalai temple. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is one of the 108 Vaishnava Divya Desam. To reach the temple is easy, it is just about 5-6KMs from Pallavaram (few more KMs from Chennai Airport). If you are coming from Chennai Airport towards Tambaram in GST road, just after the right to Pallavaram, you take the next right (below the new flyover) to Thiruneermalai Road. There are two temples here, one is on a small hilltop (Reclining Posture – Lord Ranganatha) and the other on the base of the hill (Standing Posture – Lord Rama). Compared…

  • Movie Review

    Source Code (2011)

    On my return from Seattle to India in British Airways I watched this movie “Source Code (2011)”, Directed by Duncan Jones. The movie is starred by Jake Gyllenhaal who was earlier in the Prince of Persia and did all the fabulous stunts there, here too he has done a fine performance on the action sequences. [Spoiler_Alert] Source Code is about a US Military secret mission of using last 8 minutes of memory stored in a dead man’s brain and travelling to multiple timelines in that. In the movie this is used to find the bomber in a Chicago commuter train. Jake comes in as a US Army Pilot in a…

  • Restaurant Review

    Hanuman Thai Restaurant

    Today my co-worker in our US Office with high recommendation took me to a Thai Restaurant in Kirkland called Hanuman Thai Cafe for lunch. I will be leaving to India later in the day so I was game for any (vegetarian) food. The food turned out to be good and very spicy (as I had asked). They had a Veg Combo meal consisting of Boiled Vegetables, Spring Rolls, Jasmine Rice (thank god it was not sweet) and a soup.

  • Restaurant Review

    Curry House in LA

    My friend in Los Angeles took me for dinner to Curry House restaurant in Little Tokyo. I presumed Curry House meant Indian food but it turned out to be a popular Japanese chain. I was happy I got vegetarian meal complete with Soup, Starters and a spicy curry to go with Rice. I liked the food, it was tasty and I have added this to my list of (vegetarian) cuisines I have tasted so far & liked.