My new SONY 32” LED TV


sony 32 edge LED

In my house I have a Sony 26” LCD TV in the bedroom (connected to Sun Direct DTH) and an old CRT 29” Sony TV (connected to Tata Sky DTH) in the guest room. Sun DTH is giving lot of trouble in the last few weeks, first due satellite issue for two days it didn’t work, then few channels showed up, then their engineer came and re-aligned the Dish on rooftop, after which the signal was breaking many a times. Sun DTH customer service  is pathetic, their voice agents are wanting lot of training, they allow a complaint for only one set-top box (I have three in my house, the other two in ground floor) in one call, they promised to fix the issue in 48 hours but it didn’t get fixed for over two weeks now. So I switched two of my TVs in Ground Floor back to local Cable connection (at Rs.110 per month per TV).  So for my Bedroom TV I decided not to renew the cartoon package with Sun DTH, instead I enabled it in the Tata Sky connection in Guest Room. Now my son is glued to the 29” CRT TV, I sold that TV off and replaced it with the 26” LCD TV from my bedroom. That left me needing to buy a new TV for my bedroom.

I looked in Internet and selected on few Samsung LCD models, I didn’t want any Internet & PC Sharing features as we have two desktop PCs, two XBOX 360s and one laptop in the house. I went to Samsung showroom in G.N.Chetty Road, T.Nagar to buy one of them, to my surprise found the showroom vacated; went to Radhakrishnan Salai showroom, that too was vacated. Finally went to Viveks’ Mylapore, the helpful salesmen showed & explained various models from Samsung, LG & Sony. I was looking only for 26 or 32 inches. Finally I selected the Sony 32” LED TV EX600 Series (compares to Samsung series 5 I think) model: KLV-32EX600, it was available at a special price Rs.49,900 (inclusive of 12.5% Tamil Nadu VAT, a discount of Rs.3000 or so from MRP).

In the late evening today got the TV delivered. To my surprise I found in the carton that it was named as SONY 32” LCD Television. After some web searching, I realized that Sony calls all their TVs LCD, this one was called as LCD with EDGE LED, they are technically right 100%. I installed it myself in next 20 minutes, everything worked fine. Only disappointment was that it didn’t have dedicated Audio out (L-R) to connect to my Home theatre system (EDIFIER DA5000), so I had to manage with the Headphone output for this. The TV has only 2 Video/Audio (RCA jack), 1 Composite, about 4 HDMI, 1 USB ports, 1 RF (Antenna) ports. Now I need to figure out HD content to enjoy this TV to the fullest, may not go for a Blue-Ray (as their is no Tamil content in Blue-Ray yet, Hollywood discs are too expensive in India) but may opt for Airtel HD Recorder service.

All this reminds me of the Camel in the Tent Arabian Night story Smile