Saw this movie “Shutter Island” a psychological thriller film today. Both “Leonardo DiCaprio” as Teddy Daniels a U.S. Marshal and Ben Kingsley as Dr. John Cawley a head psychiatrist were brilliant in their performance. The movie happens in 1954 with scars of World War II still fresh in everyone’s memory. The story is about disappearance of an  in-patient in a facility on Shutter Island located in Boston harbor for the criminally insane. U.S.Marshal “Teddy” comes to investigate the issue, over the course he uncovers lot of mysteries about the place and faces a conspiracy to have him declared “insane” – his frequent migraine attacks, memories of loss of his wife in a fire and of his WWII encounter in Nazi Death camps not helping his case.

The climax was neatly done detailing the plot and the uncovering of truth. After seeing the movie once and knowing the climax, when I watched it briefly for a second time, I could appreciate the performance of all the supporting characters – great work by the Director Martin Scorsese. If you like Thriller, don’t miss this movie.


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