This post is not about the movies themselves but on how they are made and marketed.

I also wanted to break my pages after pages of technical bullet points from Tech Mela :-). Those tech posts are more my notes and it is easier to take down using Windows Live Writer (blog) and access them later, rather than using Paper (and never look at them) or Outlook or OneNote; and also share it with others and with my team.

Coming back to movies, I am amazed at how movies are now made in Bollywood and Kollywood. Sivaji was made at a cost of Rs.80 Crores or more – unbelievable!. Look at the original VCD & DVD packaging and cover designs of recent Hindi Movies like Dhoom2 or Jhoom – I am not able to find a difference between them and Hollywood movies. Packaging is certainly international quality. Hindi Movie houses also seem to have understood the benefits of DVD market and how to make them work rather than fight technology. They now release the Original VCD & DVD after few months and keep selling them for years. For example, today in Mumbai PlanetM I found tons of Lagaan DVDs, I bought one and I was told it sells very well not bad for a movie that got released few years back. I hope, if Tamil Producers follow suit sooner and release movie DVDs shortly after screering, rather than release them after the movie is all forgotten.

Every Media is talking only about Sivaji or Jhoom whether it is English, Hindi or Tamil or whether it is NDTV, CNN IBN or Times Now. I am amazed at how movie houses have tied up with Media to create such a hype for Sivaji. Well I suppose to get back Rs.80 Crores + Profit you got to do every marketing trick in the book, isn’t it :-)

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