It was exactly one year ago Wonder Woman (2017) was released and only today I got around to watch it. What a film!

The opening scenes in the heavenly Island were simply beautiful, a visual feast at every frame. As the Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot has given a splendid performance, was outstanding in the fight scenes and was gorgeous throughout!

In a good way, the Wonder Woman Diana reminded of a warrior princess – Xena (starring Lucy Lawless). Like other superhero films, there is little of any story here. A woman warrior with supernatural powers enters the battleground of World War II with the aim of stopping it and bringing back peace, she is supported in her quest by an American Pilot and an amateur gang he assembles. WWII is one of the greatest human tragedies, anytime I read about it I feel helpless that something so inhumane can still happen in the world – it was nice to see the scene where Diana (Gal Gadot) single-handedly (literally) enters the no-man’s land in Belgium and defeats the advancing German, saving thousands of villagers from starvation, makes me truly wish superheroines to be true.

The climax was a bit long for my taste.

This film is available on Amazon India Prime.

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