If you are travelling to Singapore, you can enjoy Free Wi-Fi access at StarHub Access points in Changi Airport, Suntec City and Coffee Bean Outlets. I have used during my trips to Singapore in the last few years and find it most of the time working fine. Today while trying to use it in Changi Airport I couldn’t login, after few frustrating moments I realized I was doing it wrong – StarHub please improve your User Instructions in the SMS you send.

Free Wi-Fi in Singapore


First you select StarHub as your Mobile Phone Roaming Service Provider. Then dial *9434 from your phone, you will shortly get a SMS with UserId and Password. Then connect to “StarHub” access point from your laptop. Open Internet Explorer, you will get the above shown Login Screen. In the screen, select Mobile/Cellular Phone Roaming Customers Checkbox, before entering the UserID and Password in the Step 2 area. I missed to select the RadioButton – can you believe how dumb I am :-)

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