Today I travelled from Chennai to Singapore by Jet Airways. Though MAA-SIN has several flights I picked this one, as it is conveniently leaving Chennai in the morning at 11 AM and I wanted to try Jet Airways International Sector. Jet always has been my favourite airways and I wanted to see how they do in an International sector. In short, I loved the flight and Jet’s impeccable service.

The ground staff was efficient, and they impressed me most for two things: First for they upgrading me to Business Class (with a Jet Upgrade voucher but it was valid for Domestic Sectors only) and Second for a very small thing but a gesture I loved – the Immigration Card they handed over, had the flight number already filled up. Think about ‘good’ service and this was it – the ability to anticipate little things and do it for the customer. Let me stop here I am sounding like their spokesperson :-).

Lastly, I am happy that I will get few thousand miles credited to my frequent flyer program, Jet when will you fly to the USA?

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