A throwback to a few months back to my college silver jubilee reunion that happened in Chennai 🌇. A long-overdue celebration, thanks to the pandemic! They said, “It’s a 90s Tamil cinema-themed costume party.” I said, “I got this!” 🎬🕺I spent the previous few weeks researching on the web, doing countless searches, all to recreate the iconic look of my favourite hero. I finally settled on a costume that was a colourful shirt, white trousers, tiger teeth pendant, humongous ring💍, white shoes, and of course, the quintessential lipstick 💄. It screamed ’90s & I looked silly, but I didn’t care, I was going to have fun!

Now, you ask me, who was my favourite hero who I took inspiration for the costume? Who could it be? <wait for it> He is none other than, the one-and-only Cow-Liker (பசு-நேசன்) Mr Ramarajan. When I arrived at the party, everyone was laughing at me. But then they started to dance and sing along to the 90s Tamil film songs. And before you know it, we were all having a great time. No autographs please, unless you’re a cow! 🐄🖊️. So if you’re ever looking for a way to make your college reunion memorable, I suggest dressing up as your favourite 90s Tamil film hero. You won’t regret it!

Various costumes worn by Ramarajan

Various costumes were worn by Ramarajan

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