Yesterday, I hit “Delete my account,” waving a teary-eyed farewell to my dear 📧 Yahoo email. Oh, the flood of nostalgia! This veteran companion witnessed all the ups and downs of my early internet escapades! I’ve got to commend this pioneer – it was only my second email account, after VSNL. Are any VSNL fans out there? I bet you’ll remember my ID –! With my Yahoo account, I dived into years of engaging digital debates, from TamilDotNet to INFITT, discussing passionately with the global Tamil computing community. Ah, those were the days!

Chuckling at my past naivety, I remember opting for a username with an underscore (_). I mean, who does that nowadays, right? Throwback to a time when we picked usernames that would later make us cringe! 😂 Through the years, Yahoo stood by as other giants tumbled, while its own services in India were gradually scaled down to the bare minimum. From battling bravely in the search wars to being overshadowed by #Gmail, my Yahoo account was always useful! In the last decades, this account only served as a repository (sink) for the occasional newsletters and one-off e-commerce purchases. A toast to Yahoo for journeying with us through the untamed wilderness of the early internet and for all the unforgettable memories we’ve made along the way. Let’s all Raise A Glass to Yahoo! 🥂

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