Yesterday, with a heavy heart and a sense of deep nostalgia, I clicked “Delete my account” and bidding a poignant goodbye to my beloved 📧 Yahoo email. It was a moment filled with mixed emotions, a blend of sadness and reflection.

This steadfast digital companion has been a silent observer of my early internet journey. I owe it a salute – after all, it was my second email account, following VSNL. For those who remember VSNL, you might recall my ID –! Looking back, I chuckle at my choice of a username with an underscore (_). It’s amusing how our past choices now seems so weird. 😂

Throughout the years, my Yahoo account served as a portal to numerous engaging conversations. From participating in TamilDotNet forums to engaging in spirited discussions at INFITT, it connected me with the global Tamil computing community, offering unforgettable experiences. Yahoo, amidst the tech giants’ ebbs and flows, remained a constant, even as its services in India gradually diminished. It bravely weathered the search engine wars, even while being overshadowed by #Gmail. In recent years, this account morphed into a repository for the occasional newsletters and random e-commerce purchases. So here’s a heartfelt nod 🥤 to Yahoo, for accompanying us through the untamed early internet days and for all the precious memories. In homage to Yahoo, let’s cherish the era it marked in our digital journey!🍹

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