If you’re looking for a movie that explores the complexities of friendship, you might want to check out Let Them All Talk (2020). In films shot on cruise ships, the story normally revolves around what happens between the guests during the journey. This film starring Meryl Streep playing the character of a renowned writer who invites her old friends and her nephew to join her on a cruise ship was about the dynamics between the characters of events that have happened in the past and surfacing during the travel. Fitting with the title, the screenplay is carried through what’s spoken between the characters onboard. I liked the film, especially its message of how not to leave misunderstandings unresolved between close friends. It gets a Ripe rating from Mangoidiots and is available on Amazon Prime Video in India.

Director Steven Soderbergh presents even the emotionally heaviest scenes too in a lighthearted way, without belittling the underlying feeling. Lucas Hedges has done a good job as the nephew who tries to bond with his aunt, her friends and her agent. The ship Queen Mary 2 which was the location for filming was gorgeous and I will love to get a chance to travel in it.

The less than two hours film takes a bit of time to warm up. The first thirty minutes were certainly slow but as it nears the climax the pace gradually picks up and we find ourselves engrossed.

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