With each one of us carrying mobile phones, the usage of wrist watch has come down drastically, I occassionally wear a wrist watch only when I am out for a formal event. Unlike a wrist watch I continue to use many times in a day, wall clocks, so does my wife and parents. That’s the clock we mostly glance at when leaving to gym or office or going for an appointment. It’s probably a habit that we have grown up with.

In my office about ten years back I fixed a digital wall clock that showed not only the time, but date, day and temperature. Initially I got the clock to check the cooling of Air Conditioner in the room. But over the years I got used to the Date & Day displays, that I got one for the den in my house too. It is so convenient to check the date when writing a cheque or filling a form with bank/government. Last week my son broke the clock in my house, the next few days I was missing the clock so badly that over the weekend I went out and bought a new one. The one I had earlier was called Opal and can be seen below in the picture of my office room:


The new one I got was called Ajanta Digital Wall Clock ODC130 costing about Rs.695 in a local store, you can see the clock in the top of this page, below is the clock hung in the wall in my room at home.



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