Today it has become fashionable to hate social media and talk in length about its bad influence. I have been using social media [Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on] from 2007. I consider myself to be active, I have been posting almost every single day most of the weeks and I respond with comments on other(s) posts too. I have benefited from social media, seen and experienced its goodness. In the last few years, the way I see has changed. In this talk, I will share with you what I have learned, my own experience, which will be useful to you in charting your own course. Trust me, I am not advocating celibacy from social media!

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Below is the full video of my talk on Maintain your social media sanity!

After listening, please share your experiences on using social media both good and bad, how you are coping with it, and what behaviour changes (if any) you have developed for yourselves. Post them on the comments below or in Twitter @venkatarangan

Microsoft Regional Directors (RD) and Microsoft Most Valued Professionals (MVP)

Today for a group of my fellow Microsoft Regional Directors (RD) and Microsoft Most Valued Professionals (MVP) in India, I delivered a twenty-minute talk on how to maintain your sanity while using and being active in Social Media platforms. Both RDs & MVPs are third-parties and not Microsoft employees. They are community leaders, CXOs, authors, speakers, coaches and resource persons. It was my privilege to address this group of experts and share my journey with social media for the last 15 years or so. Yesterday as a backup for this live (virtual) event, I had recorded the same talk and that is the video I have shared above.

Following my session, my friend Ms Viji Hari delivered her talk on “10 tips for a Harassment free Online interaction”. She runs a consulting firm Cecure Us that helps enterprises and small businesses on the areas of Prevention of Sexual Harassment & Inclusive Diversity.

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