Attending a family function at my relative’s place today. Officially, I’m just here to offer my best wishes and indulge in some delicious dinner. But guess what? I brought along my trusty laptop! 🤓 So here I am, tucked away at a quiet table, casually browsing Facebook and catching up on some YouTube videos.

Funny thing though – my relatives seem to think I’m deep in work mode and keep tiptoeing around me, saying they don’t want to ‘disturb’ me. 🙈 It’s got me thinking… would they have been this considerate if I were just scrolling through social media on my phone? Somehow, a laptop seems to scream ‘serious business’!

Has anyone else noticed this kind of ‘laptop vs phone’ perception at family gatherings or social events? Would love to hear your stories! #familyfunction #laptopillusions

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