Picked this movie “The Switch” DVD without any idea on the plot or expectations. The movie by Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston turned out to be an average affair, not much to write about. The movie’s byline goes as “The Most Unexpected comedy ever conceived”, after watching the movie I realized there is nothing in the movie that you didn’t expect coming or any comedy in the movie. The first half of the movie was nearly boring, the second half was better. For some reasons throughout the movie, I had a feeling I have watched this movie before (though I haven’t).

The plot is this – Jennifer Aniston (Kassie) decides to have a baby and raise it as a single mother. Despite objections of her best friend Jason Bateman (Wally), she chooses to do it alone. Wally has feelings for Kassie, but as her friend keeps it to himself. Similarly Kassie doesn’t express her feelings to him till they meet again after seven years and weird turn of events.

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