If you have an Apple device (laptop/iPhone/iPad) then check out the “Becoming You” in Apple TV+. It is about how human kids develop in the first 2000 days. The first 15-20 itself was priceless. Seeing those little kids in 4K melts away the worries of the pandemic.

The opening story is about a 3-year old boy “Ruru” living in Tokyo, going out to buy sushi all by himself and returns safely. Something unthinkable in most places outside of Japan. The five-minutes long sequence was so touching. Similar was the next sequence of a boy in Nepal running around everywhere and taking breathtaking pictures with his camera.

As a parent of a teenage son, I never understood why kids who were till then nice become difficult to manage when they turn two (terrible twos) and this documentary reveals the simple answer to it – it is only after two they start to understand the idea of ‘me’ after recognizing their own in a mirror!

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