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Arogya Lunch at Paati Veedu Restaurant

Earlier I had written about a speciality vegetarian restaurant in T.Nagar, Chennai called Paati Veedu. Today, again I went there – this time with two friends for a tasty and healthy lunch, which they call Arogya Thali [Health Meal] and it cost about Rs. 499 + taxes. This was a limited portions meal, meaning you won’t get any extra helpings – if you wish for unlimited portions will cost Rs.100 more.

I enjoyed the meal, which consisted of sambar rice, Pongal and curd rice – all made out of various millets.

The main meal
Onion uthappam
Curd rice, Coconut Puttu and Fruit Salad


  1. s nagarajan Reply

    waste waste i am spending rs.50 for limited meals which is good in iyer delight through wallet

    • each have there taste and preferences!

      places like iyer delight and scores of messes may suit for everyday / frequent eating. places like patti veedu for once in a while, treat, party and special occasions.

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