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Mix 08 – Windows Live Platform

Angus Logan, Sr. Technical Product Manager from Windows Live platform presented on:

  • 400 million live ID users, 1bn authentications / day
  • All services of Windows Live free upto 1 million users / month
  • Today you have to go to sign in, you can customize the page for select msn/microsoft sites only. Later 3rd party sites will be allowed to do this
  • Windows Live tools for Visual Studio makes it super easy to implement Live Platform
  • Windows Live you can associate with your local user/password store
  • You can share your Windows Live Contacts Ids safely and under control to the sites you want to
  • Increased Silverlight streaming hosting capacity for free
  • ADO.NET Data Services (aka Astoria) which consumes AtomPub service end points for Application Base Storage, Photo API, LINQ to cloud capabilities
  • Check out the new version of for new 7 Quick-Apps which are open source that are end to end scenarios.

  Windows Live Messenger Library