Fresh Air (2006) is about the tensions between a teenage daughter (Angela) and her single mother (Voila). Voila is a hard working toilet attendant in a metro station in Budapest, Angela a school student aspiring to be a fashion designer. Though mother & daughter hardly speak to each other, they sit down for watching their favourite sitcom. Angela can’t stand Voila due to her job, as soon the mother comes home the daughter opens all windows as a sign of her detest against her mother’s job.

Director Ágnes Kocsis has done the movie in a realistic, normal style of storytelling. There are no hyped emotions, punch dialogues or sudden happenings. The story keeps moving at its own pace, which at times was a drag on the audience but bearable. The title probably is owed to the Voila’s obsession on Perfumes; after every bath, she sprays herself nearly a can full of body spray, similarly when in her office (Toilet complex) she empties few cans of room fresheners each time and is methodical about it too.  When the story moves to the street of Budapest we get to see everyday life there including its efficient tram system. The scenes where Angela hitchhikes her way from Hungary to Italy shows us a slice of life around the border.

Overall, a fine movie to watch.

Friss levegö (2006)

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