This is yet another post on Chennai’s traffic. Traffic in T.Nagar area is becoming worst day by day due to the bridge constructions.

Every month TiE Chennai conducts their monthly events at 7PM mostly at Hotel RainTree, St.Mary’s Road. I don’t attend every month, but whenever I attend I get stuck bad in traffic and go late. I leave my office (Habibullah Road, T.Nagar) around 6:15PM and reach the venue around 7:15PM or so, though the actual journey shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes. I have tried all the different (so called side roads) routes but of no use, either I get stuck at Pondy Bazaar/Mount Road junction or at Vijayaraghava Road/Mount Road junction and so on.

Today I decided to brave it out. I left office at 6:30PM, went through Panagal Park, Venkatanarayana Road, Nandanam Signal and believe it or not, I reached the venue at 6:50PM. And this at the peak time driving through two of the Chennai’s renowned traffic choke points. I am now more than ever confused on the routes that take less time in Chennai.

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