Fabindia is known for their traditional products, fashion and food items which are high-quality and accordingly priced. I like their body-care products and for many years I used to buy body wash and shampoos from them until I found Khadi Natural who had products which were SLS and Paraben free. Still, I am a regular to Fabindia to buy  ‘pure’ honey (the consistently best one I could find in Chennai) and cotton shirts – even last week I bought two short kurtas (Rs.990 each) as a gift to a visiting friend from abroad.

Cotton Half Sleeves Short Kurta of Fabindia for Rs.990

The firm founded by American Mr John Bissell in 1960 has grown to have annual revenue of over Rs.1000 Crores and with stores across the country.  In the last few years, they have opened many stores in Chennai. Early last year on a trip to New Delhi, I visited their flagship store in Connaught Place and found they were stocking a variety of packaged food items like Hummus and Salad dips – which were not available then in Chennai.

Items on display in Fabindia showroom at Hamilton House, Connaught Place, New Delhi

About a few months ago, Fabindia opened their largest store in Chennai near veteran actor Mr Kamal Haasan‘s residence in Eldams Road. I was told by a friend that the store had a good restaurant on the top floor, I went there today for dinner with my better half (the one who likes her dinner neither at a fine-dining place or from a delivery service). The restaurant was called Fabcafe and sported a tranquil decor.

Fabcafe from Fabindia at Eldams Road, Chennai

The menu at Fabcafe, Chennai had the usual suspects and the individual items were mostly uncomplicated. They claim they serve only the wholesome & nutritious Indian food, which are free of refined sugar, oil and wheat – instead cooked with ghee, hearty grains, unrefined jaggery and with lots of veggies. We liked the simplicity.

(From top left clockwise) Jackfruit Flour Chapati, Rajasthani Gatta Curry and Six Grain Paratha.

We ordered for starter Tri-Grain Papdi Chaat Medley (Papdi made of Kuttu, Jowar, Bajra, topped with dahi, tamarind and mint chutney). For the main course, we went with Rajasthani Gatta Curry (Chickpea Patties in a spicy Yoghurt Curry) and had it with Jackfruit Flour Chapati (which I read was gluten-free, was good for blood sugar levels and high on soluble fibres than other flours) and Six Grain Paratha (Whole Wheat, Gram, Soybean, Jau, Oats and Ragi). For drinks, we ordered Aam Panna (Green Mango and Spices) which is my favourite and Ganna Juice (Ginger, Mint and Kala Namak). We had a satisfying meal which was not heavy and the service was friendly and responsive. The cost was Rs.1400, a reasonable sum for a dinner for two at a good restaurant.

I will recommend you check them out with your spouse one of the days – I felt the place won’t be a favourite with kids as there was little or no fried items.

I love everything about Chennai – for me the view from the top overseeing the bridge below was pleasing

Though the showroom is in a junction that’s famous for the traffic there, the compound has adequate parking including valet service for convenience!

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