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The Brand New Testament (2015)

The Brand New Testament (French: Le Tout Nouveau Testament)

God exists and he lives in belgium

For me, The Brand New Testament (2015) was a creepy film, not because the French dark comedy was critical about things that are revered by many, but because of the bluntness in its characters. I made the mistake of watching the film with my 15-year old son – I should’ve known it was an adult comedy – unfortunately, IMDB didn’t have a rating for the film.

In the film, God is a middle-aged man, who likes to keep mankind constantly in misery. His wife, Goddess is a silent witness to all that’s going on. Unable to bear peoples sufferings, their 10-year old daughter “Ea” makes an escape, to change the world to a better place. Before she embarks on her journey, she is guided by her elder brother who is none other than Jesus. Ea drafts the help of 6 strange people selected randomly as her own apostles – each of these 6 people are weirder than the other. Together, all their life stories and Ea’s passage is to be written as the Brand New Testament by a homeless man Victor. 

I liked the film but it is certainly not for everyone and if you can get through to the climax, you get to see some funny moments and a world that’s happy. 

Pili Groyne as God's daughter

Pili Groyne as God’s daughter

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