God exists and he lives in Belgium

For me, The Brand New Testament (2015) was a creepy film, not because the French dark comedy was critical about things that are revered by many, but because of the bluntness in its characters. I made the mistake of watching the film with my 15-year old son – I should’ve known it was an adult comedy – unfortunately, IMDB didn’t have a rating for the film.

In the film, God is a middle-aged man, who likes to keep mankind constantly in misery. His wife, Goddess is a silent witness to all that’s going on. Unable to bear peoples sufferings, their 10-year old daughter “Ea” makes an escape, to change the world to a better place. Before she embarks on her journey, she releases to every person in the world, the days left before their death. She is guided by her elder brother who is none other than Jesus. Ea drafts the help of 6 strange people selected randomly as her own apostles – each of these 6 people are weirder than the other. Together, all their life stories and Ea’s passage is to be written as the Brand New Testament by a homeless man Victor.

I liked the film but it is certainly not for everyone (there are graphical scenes of nudity and obscenity) and if you can get through the second half to the climax, you get to see some funny moments and a world that’s happy.

Pili Groyne as God's daughter
Pili Groyne as God’s daughter

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