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Kozhipporu (2020)

Kozhipporu, meaning Chicken Fight is a Malayalam comedy film that is about two families, who are neighbours and close friends but turn foe due to a few missing eggs. The film is entertaining but has nothing that we haven’t seen in other films with a similar plot. Directors Jinoy & Jibit have done a good job of transporting us to the neighbourhood where the story happens. The film gets a mangoidiots rating of “Raw”. It is available on Amazon Prime Video.

The film starts with a few friends on bikes chasing after their enemies in the next neighbourhood – indicating the film is about the familiar rivalry between the youngsters from different localities – there are the usual love and friendship. What was different was the narrative being focused on the two families living next to each other and being helping one another. One day, one of them buy a few hens and soon the eggs go missing, which creates mistrust between the two. The rivalry was not new, but how the directors shows it and gets it resolved was. Check it out, if you can watch a movie that progresses slowly.


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