Sometime back a friend, Mr Kiruba Shankar, had written about using “Adult” Colouring Books to #Destress. While he recommended using Paper n Pencil, I went with the easier way – should I say ecofriendly way – downloaded “free” apps in Microsoft Store for Windows.

My drawing skills are limited to a straight line with a ruler and a circle with a compass, but here it is just clicking and filling colours – I can combine any number of #colors and use any amount of them without caring about aesthetics or wastage :-)

These apps are available for #Windows, #MacOS, #Android & #iPhone, aplenty. Try them out! Take a bit of care for click-baits and adware. While I am not recommending check out these apps in Microsoft Store – Adult Coloring Book and Coloring for Adults.

My digital colouring try 1 – Deer
My digital colouring try 2- Flowers

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