Amazon’s original TV series Forever (2018),  is such a dull & clueless show, I gave up watching halfway through the first season. It is about a middle-aged childless couple Oscar (Fred Armisen) and June (Maya Rudolph), who are leading a routine life where nothing interesting happens. In the first episode, for almost half the time, Oscar keeps cooking and serving in the dinner table every day for almost a month. You keep waiting for something else to happen, but nothing. 

Then suddenly Oscar dies. Following that, for one whole episode, June is sulking, near the end, she tries to pull-up her life, some romance is budding with a pastor – then she too dies. Now, both Oscar and June are reunited in the afterlife in a cosy neighbourhood that resembles the real world but it is not. This is where the show gets weird – we don’t know the genre it is going for – it is not a comedy as there is nothing to laugh at, it is not a ghost story yet ghostly stuff happens, it is about a couple yet there is no romance or affection exhibited.

With each episode, the show keeps slowing down to feeling almost like it had stopped. In one episode, Oscar and June just keep doing the same things for a dozen days – make pottery, take a walk, play an outdoor game and sit in the same park bench. Absolutely nothing else. 

If your life is already dull, you will be seeing only yourself – stay away from this show. Instead, if your life is hectic, then it may help you to calm down!

Update 27 July 2019: Last week I just started watching this series again from the episode I had left and surprisingly, I finished watching the whole season. The last two episodes turned out to be better than all the previous ones. 

Amazon Original:  Forever (2018 TV series). Starring  Fred Armisen  & Maya Rudolph

Available on Amazon Prime Video.



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