When designing a mobile app’s main screen, it will be a great service to the users, if the designers remember these top five things. The first is that they are designing the app for the user, the app needs to be user-centric. Second, it needs to enable the users to get to the information they are looking for or do the action they came for, in as few clicks as possible. Third, irrespective of how many navigation elements you provide, the entire surface area can’t be covered, so it is a good idea to provide a search box right at the top. Fourth, research and understand how the user’s “gaze behaviour” works for your app.  Fifth, Keep it simple and easy on the eye, remember mobile phones have small displays and not everyone has 20/20 perfect vision.

Henry Ford’s quote, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses”

When I was thinking of this topic, I remembered the three mobile apps I was using today. They are good examples of mobile app user experience, showing those that were designed by committee vs user-centric:

  1. BigBasket home screen presents an inside-out view, exposing internal teams,
  2. Swiggy is better and has search, but advertisement tries to dominate,
  3. Dunzo is best, lets me get to the task I have quickly.
Mobile App home screens of BigBasket, Swiggy and Dunzo

Mobile App home screens of BigBasket, Swiggy and Dunzo

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