After seeing Chettinad Palace and Kanadukathan on Monday, on Tuesday we went around Tanjore. I have written earlier detailed posts on my visit in 2012 to Thanjavur Palace and Big Temple, so I will keep this post brief.

எனது தஞ்சாவூர் பயணக் கட்டுரை

First stop was தஞ்சை பெரிய கோயில் (Tanjore Big Temple):

Tanjore Big Temple whose architecture was inspired by Human Anatomy

Artwork copy made from the original inside the sanctum sanctorum. You can see the copy in the information centre

Mr.Karuppan, custodian of the information centre in Tanjore Big Temple has worked here for last 35 years. He explained passionately for 20 minutes on the architecture of Big Temple, the paintings and sculptures present inside the temple. Hats off to his dedication.

The Nandi idol originally built by Cholas which has been moved to the side by later kings

The outer structure of the temple bears the entire load of the structure is made of two walls separated with a gap and joining in 80 degrees

Tanjore Art Museum aka Palace:

This has on display bronze statues from around the region and also old coins

In the evening we went to Salangai Natham, an exhibition of dance from around India.

Happened in the grounds near Tanjore Medical college

Karnataka region dance

Jumbo size Tanjore headshaking toys (தஞ்சை தலையாட்டி பொம்மை)

Exhibition accompanying the cultural event

India Post stall

Tiger dance by kids

The next day we went to Trichy and there I saw this Vedaranyam march remembrance stone.

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