Iravukku Aayiram Kangal starring Arulnithi has a familiar plotline yet it is very much a watchable film. Arulnithi has to be appreciated for picking stories that suit him and doesn’t try out overly heroic scripts.

The story is about a murder that has happened on a rainy night in a bungalow. One by one, we see have a dozen suspects enter and leave in a hurry the crime scene, what really happened, who did it, is the story. Mahima Nambiar has done her role well as a friend and lover to the hero, especially in the scene where a taxi driver tries to misbehave she exhibits her emotions well.

The screenplay lets down in many places which prevent the film from having its intended impact.

Arulnithi & Mahima Nambiar (அருள்நிதி, மஹிமா நம்பியார்)

Arulnithi & Mahima Nambiar (அருள்நிதி, மஹிமா நம்பியார்)

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