Vedaranyam March Remembrance

This Wednesday I was visiting Trichy (Tiruchirappalli) city, a friend who is lives there who was taking me around pointed to two poorly maintained pillars near Trichy railway junction to tell me they hold historic significance. On closer look, I understood the purpose of the remembrance stones kept there. It is to mark the spot from which Shri.C.Rajagopalachari (Rajaji) started his disobedience march to Vedaranyam on 13th April 1930 along with 100 of his followers on foot.  The salt disobedience movement across the country led by Gandhiji was an important milestone in India’s freedom struggle against the British empire and it was sad to see such an important piece of history relegated to a deserted corner of the road.

The exact location of the pillars is near the corner of Rockins road and Melapudur main road, opposite to Daily Thanthi office.