Two weeks back when I travelled abroad, I left my iPad 2 in my house and instead took the Samsung Windows 8 Tablet with me. Two bad decisions.

First is to leave the iPad in the house without telling my wife about it, at the reach of my 9 year old son; As any parent can guess my son broke the iPad. Second bad decision was to go to a Business Meeting where I had to present something with a “Developer” hardware, not much was wrong with Windows8 – which we will talk about in a latter post.

Broken iPad

When I called my wife from Singapore a day after I left she said you will to deal with something on your return. I didn’t expect it will be about my “loved” iPad. On my return I found a broken iPad (as seen below) and an innocent looking son with guilt written all over his face.

 Glass broken iPad 2

My first thought was how on earth my son manage to break the tough Gorilla glass of iPad. It turns out he was using it on the floor when accidentally (after much crying by him, I have to pretend that I believe it to be accidental) a timber piece fell from the bottom of a century old Burma-Teakwood chair (shown below).

Wooden chair with the timber piece that broke my iPad2

I know Gorilla glass can be very tough and if cuts your skin it can seriously injure, so I was glad my son didn’t get hurt. To prevent further damage or stray pieces, I  put some Cello tape over the broken area; surprisingly the iPad was working just fine, touch too was working everywhere.

I sent the iPad 2 (it was under warranty and 2 year Apple Carepack –both bought in USA) to Apple support in Chennai (India). Initially they quoted Rs.22,000 (~$500) for changing the glass alone, after nearly a week, they returned it saying they can’t do anything for physically damaged devices. I thought I will buy a new one rather than spend $500 for repairing, and it either be iPad2 entry level (16GB/WiFi model) or the new iPad (Retina display). I searched and found iPads to be available from Rs.22,000 (iPad2 16GB WiFi) onwards, new iPad w/ 64GB & WiFi was available for Rs.43,000. Then when Apple said NO I had no choice but to buy a new one.


Luckily my friend told me of a mobile repair shop in basement of Chennai Express Mall (near Big Bazaar) where he got the back glass of his iPhone4 replaced for Rs.4000. Immediately I had my iPad sent to the shop (not authorized or affiliated w/ Apple). After 3 days and Rs.8500 (no amount of negotiation worked) my iPad2 came back fixed. They had changed the entire front-glass, other than negligible marks in 2 corners of the aluminium back plate, the iPad was looking as good as new (seen below). I was delighted.

iPad2 with a replaced new front glass

When I sent it for repair I had “Reset” the iPad, so as I am writing this post iTunes is successfully restoring my iPad to its former glory.

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