I have been an iPhone user for last two years. I love my iPhone4 and the ease with which you can buy Apps, Movie & Music in iTunes (though I hate the Photos management in iTunes). For many months now except for presentations I don’t use my laptop much – when in office it is Office Desktop and at the house, it is Home PC and in between I do my emails with iPhone. Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync keeps my email synced between the Office PC, Home PC, Laptop & iPhone. Windows Live Mesh syncs the files between the PCs & Laptop effortlessly. Whenever I am reading a book or a magazine I keep my iPhone next to me to refer in Wikipedia or browse the web about the topic I am reading. Even while watching TV having iPhone and turning to it for some information has become a habit – whether it is to find a song in YouTube I just remembered or to IMDB to refer on how old is an actor or buy a book from Amazon/Flipkart that you just read about in the Newspaper today.  As you can imagine I am a heavy user of my iPhone, I have an Amazon KindleDX as well, so I was sceptical whether I need an iPad2. My friend who has been having an iPad for last one year kept telling it is a lifestyle device and I couldn’t see how.

Now after having been using an iPad2 for last few days, I can understand why the world loves this device. I bought an iPad2 64GB Wi-Fi model through my US office in Washington. Apart from the device, I bought a VGA Cable, the SmartCover (Light Blue), Apple CarePack giving one-year additional warranty and adding WA State Tax it came to $927. The form factor, weight, display & audio are ideal for consuming content, it is not much of a Productivity Tool or Content Creation tool. There is a vast difference between what I read & visualized about the device, it feels a whole lot better to actually have the device in your hand and use it. Playing Videos on YouTube, Photo viewing, Web browsing, reading FaceBook/Twitter/Blogs with Flipboard is addictive.

Following are the 3rd Party Apps I am currently using in iPad, most of them are the same I use in iPhone4, but few of them only work in iPad.

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