I have been using my Desktop PC, Pinnacle PCTV Hybrid Tuner (330e) to watch TV with Tata Sky DTH. It is quite useful to catch up on News & happenings during the day and for a break a few episodes of 30 Rock/How I met your mother in late evenings. After working for a few years without any issues Pinnacle PCTV conked off this week. So I went around shopping for a replacement and settled with the AverTV Volar GO A833 USB drive. It has drivers for Windows 7 x64 and works fine.

The device is advertised to have support for Windows Media Center (to be used as the Player), but it turns out that works only for TV Cable as an input video source. In my case with Tata Sky DTH, the input video source was Composite and Windows Media Center requires you have an IR Blaster for it to work. AverTV Volar Go doesn’t ship with one, so I tried to use the IR Blaster from Pinnacle but it didn’t work. So I had to uninstall Windows Media Center and stick with the AVerTV 6  Player Application. The device comes with a small remote control that you can use to adjust volume control, ON/OFF the player and it works fine. The Player supports TimeShift & MP4 recording as well. Since there is no IR blaster I am not able to control the set-top-box from the TV Player application itself.

AVerTV Volar GO

AVerTV Volar GO

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