In support of Lions Blood Bank (Chennai), we had organized a Blood donation camp in our Office at Vishwak Solutions (Chennai). The last time when we had a similar camp in our office I couldn’t donate blood as I was on that day on Anti-Allergic medication. Today I didn’t want to miss the opportunity and volunteered to donate.

The first time I donated blood was in college days and then only once or twice after that, so I was a little tense. But the good Samaritans & volunteers from Lions Club helped each of the donor(s) to be at ease and the whole process was nothing more than having two injections (shots). The first injection was to check the haemoglobin level and the second was to collect the blood, all got over in 10 minutes. The camp doctor first checked the blood pressure, weight, enquired whether we had breakfast and then only authorized the donation. After donating I felt good about myself – emotionally and physically.

I am making this post to request & encourage each one of you reading this to donate blood whenever you get a chance and save a life. It is so easy!

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