Few months back J.Venkatesan Prabhu who was a Microsoft MVP from 2008-2013 contacted me about a program (Innovspark) that his company is planning to host on 2nd March at Chinmaya Hertitage Auditorium, Chetpet and invited me as one of the dignitaries to inaugurate the event. The event was to get into record books on the maximum number of software programs written in a single day, this sounded interesting & I accepted the invitation.

Today when I reached the venue there were hundreds of students overflowing in the venue, chaos on getting everyone registered, everyone in the hall was passing around USB Thumb Drives with software to be installed in their laptops & so on.  I was seated on the first row and waited. I learned the gentleman next to me was the Referee from the record book company and he said he is from India Book of Records Tamil Nadu Branch, I asked is it Limca Book of Records, he said No this India Book of Records – a name I was hearing for the first time. The inaugural event was getting delayed & I was getting jittery feeling whether I have landed myself in a not a well-planned event.

In the next 30 minutes everything fell in place, the inauguration went smooth. The chief guest of the the event Mr R Paneer Selvam (CEO of Rohini Theatres) kept his speech brief and so did I, stepping away from the actual event of the day – writing hundreds of software programs. Due to another appointment, I had after this I had to leave the venue after the inauguration though I was curious to see how hundreds of programs were written, tested and validated.



Update 4th April: India Book of Records have officially published the event in their site as the  “Most Software Programs Developed in a single Day”. 1,075 Participants in 116 groups developed software programs (116) in a single day, starting at 10.30am and ending at 4.00pm, on March 2, 2014, at Chinmaya Heritage Centre, Tamil Nadu.


Events like this are welcome to encourage students in Software Programming & Coding.

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