Every Indian Engineer was made to feel proud yesterday. The event was unveiling of Tata Motors dream project the world’s first Rs.1 Lakh (USD 2500) car – Tata Nano. When first talked about 4 years by Mr.Ratan Tata no one believed it to be possible, that too by an Indian company. Thanks to the ingenuity and hard work of Indian Engineers it was made possible and demonstrated yesterday. From being an under-dog in the world’s automobile scene, India overnight has graduated itself to the premium club of the GMs & Toyotas. With this Tata’s have made themselves more than qualified to be the future owners of Jaquar & Land Rover.

I found it heartening to see the congratulatory message from Anand Mahindra, managing director for Mahindra & Mahindra, Tata Motors’ primary competitor “I think it’s a moment of history and I’m delighted an Indian company is leading the way”

Tata Nano - Rs.1 Lakh car

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