In a recent issue of BusinessWeek, I came across this article in which Mr.Paco Underhill author of a book titled “Why we buy?”, talks about Retail store guidelines. He makes few observations which I found to be very interesting:

1. Shoppers use the area just inside a store’s entrance as a decompression zone. They won’t notice signs put there.

2. Americans naturally turn right as they walk further into a store (Which means I guess Indian’s will turn left)

3. Customers respond best when employees greet them about a minute after they enter. (I will welcome this as more often than not I find it intrusive when I see a person greeting right at the door)

4. Some customers can’t deal with choices. Merchants need to put up signs that say “Our Best Seller” or “Our Best Student computer” or the likes. (Certainly, I will appreciate it)

5. Unlike good times, now when shoppers purchase they spend 20% more time in aisles.

6. He says people more often make decisions about what to buy when they’re out shopping, not before. (True with me 50%)

Here is a Youtube video of Paco Underhill talking about these points.

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