2007 Must have technology

In MSN today, I saw this article on PARADE Magazine picks its must-have technology for 2007. What I liked about this list was it was yet another list of Mobile Phones & Music Players. Not all of them were exciting, but I learned of few new interesting gadgets: Solar Charger for Cellphones, Biometric Door Lock that opens on fingerprints, HP Presto printer that does email without a PC, Ooma VoIP phone & Smartshopper that records your grocery list and prints it.

The article unfortunately doesn’t have links to the product manufacturers so you had to Google for each of them.


One Comment

  • Jonathan Salem Baskin

    I saw the HP Printing Mailbox and Presto in yesterday’s newspaper, and I think it’s an absolutely brilliant idea. So much technology development and subsequent branding is wasted on creating and then hawking devices and services that nobody asked for, don’t offer much utility, and generally appear to be in love with themselves. This is different: the offering makes sense immediately, and its look-and-feel is all about its target audience. I’ve written about it a bit on my branding and marketing blob, DIM BULB, if you’d like to check it out.