The second leg of my trip from Singapore to Tokyo, then to Los Angeles was better than I anticipated. It was an 18-hour journey, the trip to Tokyo taking 7 hours followed by a break for an hour and a 10-hour journey to LA. As usual, the in-flight service at SA was excellent – good meals, snacks, comfortable seats and great movie selections – though I wish the Tamil movie could have been anything but Satyaraj‘s :-).

The immigration and customs at LA was a breeze, I landed at 12:30 PM and was out by 1:10 PM. Straight I went to the domestic United gates for my domestic flight to San Jose via Santa Barbara – before this I thought Santa Barbara to be only a popular TV Serial. This was a Skywest Airlines’ Brazilia Plane. Santa Barbara should be the smallest airport that I have been to, it was surprising to see a US Airport with only one flight and no big airstrip for landing. The airport was nothing but a small stretch of land for landing and talk-off and a small waiting room. That’s it. From Santa Barabara, I reached San Jose and stayed for a couple of days with my cousin in Milpitas. Milpitas is a nice residential township.

Photo of a road in Milpitas

Photo of a road in Milpitas

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