I am in transit to the USA, doing this blog from Singapore Changi Airport. Flying out of Chennai to the USA gives you good options only if the transit is either in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. BA flies only twice a week out of Chennai, I heard they are flying every day from this year-end, Lufthansa flies out every day to Frankfurt and now Delta has started the service. But after years of flying, I seem to prefer the Asian Airlines, particularly on the long-haul flights and you are flying Economy. I find the service in Asian Airlines (Singapore Airlines, Malaysian, Thai or EvaAir) to be any day better than European/American airlines, especially the attention of the InFlight Staff and of course the meal. After 9/11, the European and more so all American airlines have cut everything they can including service I suppose, added on top of it no visible upgrade of interiors/Aircraft. Compare this with Asian Airlines, the 777-300 I travelled from Chennai to Singapore (Singapore Airlines) was literally brand new. The Economy seats surprisingly were comfortable with all adjustments available on the seat, individual on-demand Video and good Aisle pathway spaces. Though Indian travelling abroad spends the most in a day, the average revenue from an Indian Passenger for a seat is one of the lowest in the world (I believe due to Government Regulations), western Airlines are reluctant in offering their best to this sector.
Last year, when I flew from Chennai to Seattle by Northwest Airlines (via Mumbai, Amsterdam), I had my worst nightmare. The flight was a very old DC10. Compared to that, my journey today was a pleasant experience. I hope my next leg from here to Los Angeles and then to San Jose is equally good.

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