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My TV Interview was live today

Media is not new to me :-), I have spoken in All India Radio Chennai a few back on “இணையத்தில் வணிகம்”, during my school 12th standard participated and came second in a popular Chennai Doordharshan (TV) Quiz programme conducted by Prof. வா.வே.சு. But today was different, my first full 30 minute long TV Interview was live today in Sun News Channel from 5:30PM to 6PM. The Interview was hosted by Mr.Maalan of Sun News Channel. I was invited for the programme on Tuesday and I was informed the recording will be on the next day 3PM.

Images courtesy: SUN TV Network
Images courtesy: SUN TV Network

Anxious about my first Television Interview, I rehearsed on my demos, went to a Beauty Saloon and even had my laptop cleaned (the demos were to be shot from my Laptop Screen). But the actual recording was smooth, got over in less than 1 hour, first shoot itself got Okayed and above all Mr.Maalan made me feel at home during the whole interview. The interview was about the features of Microsoft Office Tamil – Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook in Tamil.

A repeat of the same programme will be live this Thursday (5th May 2005), don’t miss it. I have uploaded a copy of the video below: