After few years of delay and few times over budget, the Public sector Airports Authority of India (AAI) finally completed the new Domestic Airport for Chennai. The old Airport (Both Domestic & International) was crying for a refresh. Any self-respecting citizen of the City can’t help to feel bad when inviting guests from other countries.

I had a chance to use the Domestic Airport during my travel to Kerala for my vacation a few weeks back. The Airport facade, the ramp up for Departure, the interiors are appearing world class and spacious. As anyone using Public Sector services in India knows that this will not be the case few months down the line. Public sector / Government in India has a poor track record for maintaining what has been built.

Chennai Domestic Airport1

Chennai Domestic Airport2

Update: 12/July/2013 – It is heartening to see that Government finally has come to its senses and decided in principle to privatize the newly built Airports in Kolkata and Chennai. I hope it materializes soon.

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