• Pray for Nesamani

    Praying for Nesamani

    Today being a Friday, the auspicious day in the week according to the Hinduism for prayers, I am starting a temple pilgrimage, praying for the speedy recovery of our beloved contractor Mr Nesamani! #Pray_for_Naesamani #PrayforNaesamani #PrayforNesamani P.S.: For the social media uninitiated, “Pray for Naesamani” is a hashtag topic that is trending for the last two days across India. It is a reference to a Tamil film called Friends (2001) in which comedian Vaigai Puyal Vadivelu appearing as a contractor gets injured when a hammer accidentally falls on his head. Even the BBC had published a story about this trend.

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    Why #DeleteFacebook is nothing but hypocrisy

    I find the story on Cambridge Analytica and Facebook data leakage (it is not a breach or hack), fascinating. More so, the call to #deletefacebook is nothing but hypocrisy. I will group my views on this as 3, 2, 1 below. I am restricting my post to the discussion about Facebook & Social Media, I have no knowledge or opinion about Cambridge Analytica or its activities. Three things that I believe: These companies are run by people not interested in stealing – my money (that I have in my bank account) or my stuff that I didn’t offer it to them They are not #evil, just companies that have a…

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    My thoughts on Facebook’s dual News Feed

    Yesterday, Manish Maheshwari, CEO, Network18 Digital wrote an article with inputs from a friend of mine “Avinash Mudaliar“, titled “Why Facebook’s Latest Dual News Feed Pilot Is a Nightmare for Publishers“. In this article, Manish says “It is the fundamental problem of trying to assume power by controlling what a certain section of users can do on their platform, and displaying this intent through their various initiatives”. After reading the article, this is what I wrote in the comments on what I thought about the issue: This topic becomes important with the spread of fake news, and their impact on electoral results and so on. The problems are being noticed now, because…

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    Facebook, Twitter & A Pair of Shoes

    I just realised I haven’t posted a review of a book that I enjoyed reading some time back – “Facebook, Twitter and a Pair of Shoes” (FTAPOS) by G.Sankaranarayanan, here it goes. There have been many books about how businesses can benefit from having a good social media strategy. FTAPOS takes a slightly different approach, rather than prescribing you with models to follow the author tells you about many of the successful journeys, how they achieved it and what we can learn. To be wildly successful in social media you have to play long-term; yes, it’s a journey and not a bullet point to cover. The book talks about how businesses can co-create…

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    Book launch with Ashok Leyland’s Managing Director

    G.Sankaranarayanan, a speaker and author is known to me for more than a decade now. As a former journalist he has a deep understanding of the Indian market and the challenges faced by Indian enterprises in reaching their message to their consumers. People keep talking about moving out of urban sprawls and taking businesses to towns of India and to their native places; Sankar has walked his talk on this and has build a successful consulting business “younomy” based of Rajapalaiyam town in Tamil Nadu. Sankar publishes a popular newsletter through which every week he writes on a management/business tip told through a humorous story. Last week he invited me for a book release event and…